Lirik Lagu Jamie Cullum - Mind Trick - Mind Trick yang dipopulerkan oleh Jamie Cullum kembali populer setelah dibawakan oleh salah satu peserta X Factor Indonesia yaitu Mikha Angelo. Dengan suara khasnya, Mikha Angelo sukses membawakan lagu yang satu ini. Jika kamu mencari Lirik Lagu Jamie Cullum - Mind Trick, Berikut ini adalah lirik lagunya,

Lirik Lagu Jamie Cullum - Mind Trick

I missed the opportunity
To get you babe
To stay with me
Never thought, I'd regret
The excuses that I've made
Like a song, it will fade

If there's music in the night
And it's really, really right
It's the only thing I need.
It intoxicates your mind
All your troubles left behind
So come on and take my lead
It's not just me who feels it
Music plays a mind trick
Watch me forget about missing you

So I put my feelings out to dry
Love, one day again
I'll have to try
Falling out, making up
It seems such a silly game
Why do I never gain?

[Kembai ke Reff] 2x
na na na's.... (watch me forget about missing you)

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